Showbox is an essential Android application for streaming your favorite films and TV Shows. One of the main errors you can see while using the Showbox apk is “Video Not Available Try Another Server” error. Here is the solution for how can you fix that.


At very first, when you see the error it looks simple, and you will skip the error. Then thought that the video which you want to enjoy is not available to connect, so you need to alter the server. Is that right? Not at all. The error would not affect the streaming of video or TV Shows.

ShowBox APK File Download

  • Showbox apk is determining that popular as an Android Streaming app. This showbox app is reliable, and it allows access to premium TV shows as well as movies.
  • If you use an Android Emulator like Bluestacks, you can be able to watch streaming videos on your PC. The main downside is you need to download the Showbox app from third-party sites.
  • The ShowBox Apk file can’t download it from the iTunes or Google Play store.

Fixing the Error “Video Not Available Try Another Server” in Showbox Apk

According to the above statement, the error is not exactly correct in the content. It will show you the issues with streaming the video which you like to see. What indicates to occur is an error between the installed version of the Showbox apk and the server which you connect.

Install the Recent Version of the ShowBox APK

  • A little manual work is required to install the Showbox app because Showbox app is not like other apps for self-update. Luckily, it takes few steps only to download and install on your Android Device.
  • Download showbox app for Android Device.
  • Then browse for the application & open the Showbox apk file on the Android device.
  • Click on the Install button which appears on the ShowBox Screen.
  • Now, allow the process installation to be complete.
  • Each of the Showbox APK file had the versions. To error fix, ensure the number of the version which you are ready to download either new or same version that you have on your Android device. When you fix the errors, just concentrate on update the application, or you can be able to reinstall it.

Finally, when you access the Showbox apk file for streaming the video, it will work without having a single error.