What are the 6 SEO mistakes that weaken your ranking?

SEO companies will use best tools to rank your blog in a high position. But sometimes they will not get best results in ranking. To rectify it the seo expert in Bangalore are provided the following tips to obtain the high ranking.


Not using the google keyword tool: Some of us are thinking that using the google keyword is cheating. It is not like that, the google keyword tool will give you a chance to know the search queries they use to find your website. So using it in your article and content page is easy for them and search engines. Long Trail keyword is the best way to get ranking.

Not having unique title tag and description: This is the common mistake in most of the blogs. They are

  • Having all pages with the same title
  • Including the website name in page title
  • Title more than 65 characters in length
  • The Description should be unique and the characters within 150 to 160 characters. A good description will improve your click through rate (CTR) and also it will have high conversions as well.

Your blog not active in social media: Social Media is one of the best ways to promote new content or websites. SEO experts are also agreeing that social media is important for ranking factor.

Not promoting your blog post: Promote your blog by using RSS subscribers, Facebook and Twitter to share your content and to get more traffic.

Not registering your website with Google and Bing webmaster tools: Google and Bing having webmaster tools to help blog owners to index their blog in search engine.
Not doing internal linking: 3 important reasons to inter-linking pages.

  • Help search engine to discover more pages in your websites.
  • A link to an internal page is a signal to search engine.
  • Help users to find out the interested subject in your blog.

SEO services Bangalore is providing a blog with a high-quality backlink to get more traffic and as well reputation.