SEO Tools for Measuring Various Metrics

Do you have the right SEO tools? There are free and paid tools that are very useful to search engine optimizers. Google Analytics is the leading free tool that allows people to accomplish a lot of things. It can be integrated with Google’s AdSense program, Webmaster Tools and Adwords. Google Analytics is much recommended to you if you are just starting to do search engine optimization for your site. There are other analytics applications you can find online. But most people recommend Google’s tool and it is used by millions across the globe.

SEO Tools

Measuring your performance

Proper search engine optimization entails tracking the variables that influence website ranking and changes in ranking. To do this sort of work you need a high quality and dependable analytics software. On top of that you need comprehensive search engine optimization education to be able to create an action plan for optimizing your website. There are a couple of tools for accurate results.

Google trends – This tool produces not only rich data but also specific numerals rather than just trend lines. You can use it to investigate keyword search popularity and volume.

Google query and Bing query – When you want to search for a given site strictly, you can use the Google query. It will show you a big list of indexed pages, as well as page numbers, of a given domain. It allows you to add other parameters to expand your search. Bing site query enables you to do the same work that you can do with Google. It shows the number and list of pages in its index. Bing’s data can fluctuate though, and so its usefulness may be limited.

Blog search link query – When you want to search for links in a particular blog, you can use Google’s link query operator. It returns data that can be sorted by relevance and date range.

Page only metrics

When you want to test your page’s authority and popularity worldwide, you would be best using paid tools. A measuring tool that would let you determine measures of static and global importance is the best. It should apply to a broader range of search queries instead of just one keyword. There are tools that will let you measure the ranking power of your internal and external links. Others will let you measure and predict your external search engine rankings. It is imperative to know exactly what you need from a tool.

Note: As you carry out your search engine optimization duties, avoid actions that may get you penalized by search engines. You can be penalized for violating their terms of service guidelines or search quality. Another thing to be careful of is blocking access to a search engine’s crawler. To see if you have done this vice already, check your Meta robots tags and robots.txt. Additionally, evaluate your Webmaster Tools for that particular search engine to see if there are technical issues to solve.