How To Test for Efficiency of Free Classified Ads?

Unless you test, it is impossible for you to know how well or bad an ad performed. Prior to internet advent, certain techniques were used to test the quality of classified ads. There were no free classified adverts then.

Free Classified Ads

Paid or free, since you will have spent time on the classified ads, it is obvious you will need results. Even with an opportunity to list the ad for free, you must test the effectiveness of your online classified ads.

Use of specific email, post box or telephone number

Advertisers employ very simple techniques in testing the success rate. They test the effectiveness of specific words used. The advertiser must note the extension phone that appears to ring most. If it is post boxes, he must determine the one that received most responses. Each ad has to include a specific telephone number together with an extension number. This extension number acts as a code for a specific ad that was put up in a newspaper.

Checking server statistics

With online classified ads, tracing an ad’s effectiveness is much easier. You just need to check the server statistics. This way, you will be able to identify the ad that performed well. It will be easy for you to determine the websites that were good for placement of your classified ads.

Have 2 sets of your classified ads copy

When you have two sets of your ads’ copy, you can continually test the copies under conditions that are similar. It becomes easy to tell the one that performed better.

Modification of less performing ad

It is advisable for you to retain your less performing ads. The copy can be given some modification. Repeat the process of testing the two ads to see the reaction of prospective customers. This testing never ends making it a better way of enhancing the ad campaign.

Channel testing

Start by noting the online classified ads that are leading to best results. It is wise of you to borrow that technique utilized by newspaper advertisers. Issue the prospective customers with varied toll free numbers. Note how often each number rings. This is an efficient method of testing the effectiveness of the ads.

Writing techniques

Note the writing techniques that seem to yield great results too. Over time you will notice the classified adverts that describe the material without objectives seem to convert best. Use of occasional objectives such as excellent quality is allowed. Avoid exaggeration because prospective buyers may not believe in the ads.

While writing classifieds, always remember people are actually looking for a product. If not so, they would not bother looking at vehicles classifieds ads even in their local newspaper. Use exact words that will describe the product on sale.