Accident From Crackers And Fireworks In Diwali

Cracker and fireworks makes the most of the festival of Diwali. The fireworks are the extraordinary works where the fire balls and the fire jets flies from this end to that end of the sky, or the fire spray goes up with a tenacity to touch the sky, or the fire whirls spins like the spin of the tides in the oceans. The fire shows and fire sounds are very pleasant to watch and to listen, but they are very dangerous also and that should be as they are the game with the fire.

Diwali Crackers

The kids and the teens gets immense fun out of the show and they love to ignite the fire weapons to listen the bombing sound or to see the great display of the fireworks up in the sky. While doing so, there can be great accidents also. These types of accidents, that usually takes place during Diwali are of various natures. Some of these accidents are stated as below.

The accidents from the crackers

The crackers are of immense loud sound and the heart patients really face danger on that due to the sound of them. The other types of accidents from crackers are a bit different. The fire weapons are manmade and they are prepared by powders and chemical dusts and with straps of ribbon over them.

There are some crackers that even after ignition does not cracks, the kids and the young out of curiosity goes for checking, what’s wrong in them, and the cracker, sometimes gets actually ignited at that time, the chemicals then bursts into the face and the hands or legs of the kids and young to cause serious accidents.

The accidents from the flying fire weapons

The fire weapons are beautiful to be glanced in the night sky. The rays of the flying object takes a definite shape that creates an illusion effect over the eyes. It is not to be forgotten that they are the weapons made by weapon that are not tested somewhere or on something. It happens that they are misled and are thrown to somewhere else.

That somewhere may be anywhere and that can be the window slits or the door curtains also. The synthetic good looking curtain immediately catches fire and the fire spreads like the flow of water from the mountain to set ablaze the entire house. There are many accidents like that every year during the time of Diwali and there are many such loses in the time of Diwali.

Cracker powder at the end of the burning sticks

The difference between the burning stick and the crackers in terms of the powder and the elements used is only the mixing of the explosive substances in the crackers. It happens sometimes that the crackers powder remains at the end of the burning stick and the fire when reaches there explodes to spread the fire particles. The person who is holding the stick gets immediate effect of that and the eyes are also targeted sometimes, in such cases.