The Best iPad Cases In The Market To Protect Your Precious iPad 3

The anticipations are over. The 3rd generation iPad is in the market for 5 months now. So if you are one of those proud possessors of this technical genius then it’s time you should be aware of the fragility this gadget hones.  It is quite obvious that you will try to sustain the beauty and glory of your spectacular possession with your life from any inadvertent disasters, but there are easier ways too. The best iPad 3 protective cases available now in the market are given in the list of iPad cases given below. So now carry your iPad 3 fearlessly anywhere you travel.

iPad 3 Cases

Logitech Solar Folio Case

If you prefer to work overnight with your iPad and use a keyboard for typing, Logitech Solar Folio Key Board Case is no doubt the best bargain. The folio has a protective black, soft faux leather texture and embeds a Bluetooth keyboard which is illuminated by an ambient light running with solar battery cells. The multi-view stand has two viewing options to adjust the comfort level of the user.

Griffin AirStrap

The cover is thus framed that the thick and comfortable texture covers the iPad protecting the edges without causing any problem in using the controls or the ports. The chief feature is the built in neoprene strap on the back. Once you slip it in one hand using the strap, you can forget about the iPad for a moment when you are busy doing other task using the other hand.

CaseMate Venture Case

The Venture case by CaseMate is textured out of a leather type material which is extremely sturdy and durable. The interior is designed with a soft micro-fibre and has a magnetic closure, which grips your iPad quite strongly and is absolutely shockproof. All the ports are accessible with necessary perforations on the cover. The hidden built in stand in the back gives you the choice of most comfortable positioning, be it on your lap or a table.

Proporta’s Brunswick England Leather Case

The classy look of Proporta’s new iPad case crafted out of original Brunswick England premium luxury leather will make you crave for one. The case lets you access all the ports and controls, even after covering the whole iPad. The package also comes with a cleaning case cloth and conditioning instruction. It is also designed to form a stand when folded.

Aquapac for iPad

As the name suggests, this case has a close connection to water. In fact it is more of a plastic bag that protects your gadget from extreme weather conditions. You can surf the net while relaxing in a beach or carry it somewhere when it’s heavily raining. Extensively tested and recommended by many users. The only con is the inaccessibility of the ports. But you will hardly need them when travelling in rains.

Hunter Wanderer

This iPad case is crafted out of original British Wax cotton and sports a cool hunting jacket look. Although it is more like a bag, it has multiple utilizations. This water resistant case features six unique placements for your brand new iPad 3. It can be packed and kept when not in use, carried as a bag with the help of an attached handle, placed in reading, watching and typing positions. But the most unique feature is the “Cinema Seat” position which achieved by hanging the iPad with the help of the handle to car seats so that your kids can get entertained with a movie in a boring long journey.