Soundcloud – What It Is And How It Works?

As you already know, music is the sound of life. Music is with us when we are happy, or sad, or angry, or anxious, or nostalgic, or in love. Music helps us tell other people what we feel, and it also helps us understand how other people feel. Music is a way of talking to the ones around us.

SoundCloud Marketing

In order for musicians to talk to as many people as possible, music has to travel all around the world. People in Asia should know how people in South America feel, and vice versa. Artists go on tours around the world to spread their messages. Televisions broadcast concerts to make people feel better. The internet has become a powerful tool that helps share the joy and happiness through music. Soundcloud is a platform developed exactly for this purpose.

What is Soundcloud?

In order to help digital musicians to improve and lighten up the process of hosting and distributing audio files, two developers (Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlforss) created the Soundcloud platform. Mediamister can be considered as a social network, a sound recorder, an audio file sharing platform, a music file archive, etc.

No matter how you call it, the Soundcloud platform was developed to help people passionate by music (those who create it and those who listen to it). When it first came to market in 2007, Soundcloud was designed to facilitate file-sharing of original music files and collaboration among new and old artists. Now, the platform does much more than that.

How Does it Work?

Your first visit to the official website of Soundcloud can prove to be very confusing, especially if you do not know what you are looking for. Taking a tour of this website is a great idea even if it means wasting a few valuable minutes. The tour will explain you about all the Soundcloud tools that you can find on the website.

The Player: If you create an account on this website, you will be able to upload or record any audio file you want. Your audio file will be available for anyone who would like to access it.

The Web: Soundcloud is linked to all other popular social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc). Also, the platform offers you embedded codes and widgets which allow you integrate them on your personal website or blog.

The Apps: As smartphones and tablets are becoming more and more popular, people at SoundCloud have developed apps both for iOS and Android. These apps allow you share your recordings and audio files straight from your mobile phone without downloading them on your computer and then uploading them on the Soundcloud platform. The apps are easy to use and help you find out what’s new in the music field without sitting in front of your laptop and spending time on this website.

The users: Once you have registered on this website, you are fetched with your own dashboard where you can see what is new, your comments, your favorite audio files, your interactions, etc. You can simply upload your own files and share them promptly with all the other users.

If you feel that these process will takes much time to reach targeted audience, simply you can buy soundcloud plays, followers and likes.