Instagram Plans To Introduce Ads For Better Marketing

Instagram: Connecting Brands and Customers

News has it that Instagram Is set to launch ads into its service and that has raised the question of how this new strategy will help brands associate with their customers. MyCustomer.Com analyzed the query by asking a number of experts for their opinion on the same.

Instagram Plans To Introduce Ads For Better Marketing

When social media titan, Facebook bought Instagram not too long ago, in March, quick theories began to be made upon how Instagram would walk on the footsteps on Facebook and would most probably end up benefitting itself monetarily and it did not take long for these speculations to turn into realities.

In October, the Chief Operating Officer of Instagram, Miss. Emily White who joined the Instagram team after having worked with Facebook, said that the photo sharing app will soon begin advertising before the start of the New Year.

However, it is still blurry how exactly the ads would start functioning but it is most likely that they would make their appearance in the ‘Explore’ section of the app or show up as sponsored links when people look up a particular hashtag or picture.

The investigation about how this new ad service will be welcomed by the 150 million monthly effective users who have only been acquainted to an ad-free service from the addicting application continues to happen. The website notably faced a raged consumer repression when it made a move of upgrading its terms and conditions with respect to the photo rights of the users and was compelled to withdraw the change. Facebook, also faced its own problems and adverse reactions from its customers during its early advertising phase, in 2007.

Reaction Of Existing Users To Instagram Advertising:

Having considered that the reactions to previously planned ad launches on other social networks caused a havoc and brought in negative response, is it possible to encounter a similar backlash when Instagram starts off with its new ads strategy?

The marketing world, after a general discussion stated its faith in the fact that there will initial protest but they seem quite confident that it won’t be long before the users come in terms with the new additions and will continue utilizing the network like before. You need more followers on Instagram before starting marketing. You can buy followers to improve your business.

The CTO at Alchemy Social, an Experian Marketing Service – Mr.Steve Pole said that it is like that this new ad service will provoke a minor backlash but in the long run, the majority of users will stick around and accept the changes while continuing to use the application as they did, before. “We have seen the same pattern repeating itself after similar announcements made by Facebook and Twitter”, Mr.Steve added.

Keeping Users Engaged Through Instagram Ads

Once the protests have faded and the users have accepted the new ad policy, brands will be able to present an alluring portrait to an appropriate audience. Jamie Riddel, director at Jaywing, says that Instagram is a closed network right now, it only provides for likes and comments unlike Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter which have a provision for resharing photos and linking opportunities. The technical team at Instagram expects the ads to expand its exposure for real Instagram followers. Buy real instagram followers from us.

Instagram has revealed what it has in store for its users. It is now upon us to wait and watch whether it works for the website and users alike. Stay tuned.