Love Is In The Air: Valentine’s Day On The Card

Valentine’s Day is celebrated all over the world and mostly in the parts of United States of America on 14th of February. It is a day when loved ones express their love for each other and exchange candy, flowers and gifts especially red roses.

Valentine’s Day On The Card

One this particular day, the affectionate couples spend their day together and express their warmth and care towards each other in contrast to the singles that spend their day idle being depressed and engulfed in sorrow. It is termed as the day of love.

History of Valentine’s Day

We all know February is celebrated as month of romance all over the world in the name of saint Valentine but who was saint valentine, as the history says, under the rule of Emperor Claudius II he was a priest named as Valentine dating back to third century; as per the order of the Claudius young men were abandoned to get married as he thought that they make better soldiers then the men with families.

Priest Valentine

Priest valentine found it as an injustice on the young soldiers and started their marriage in secret. And when his action was caught Claudius ordered him to be put to death. During his period in jail before being hanged to death he had fallen for the jailers daughter who used to meet him daily, he scribbled the last letter confronting his love for her and ending up by writing “ From Your Valentine” an expression which till date people use in the cards and gifts.

Functions for Valentine’s Day began to be celebrated since 17th century and till the middle of 18th century it flourished among all the social classes by exchanging some token of affection in the form of written notes or greeting cards.

Special Things You Can Do on Valentine’s Day

1) Plan a perfect valentine day for your loved ones.

2) You can even gift your children with toys and chocolates to show your love and affection to them on Valentine’s Day.

3) You can give surprise gift to your parents and make them feel special.

4) Grand children are close to their grandparents plan something special for them their blessings and happiness will make them feel proud on you.

5) Plan a surprise and special date for your loved ones.

6) You can even get engaged or tie a knot with your loved ones on this special day as this will mark a beginning of your new life.

7) Make favorite food of your loved ones and invite them for lunch or dinner.

8) You can also give handmade gifts to your loved ones this will make them feel more special and close to you.

9) If you like someone what could be more special to propose them than a valentine’s day.

10) You can also share your love towards the poor and needy people by gifting them something what could be more memorable and special than this.